You the Jury – Casebook 7

Crime & Social History

Day course

Diane Janes

24 October 2022

9:00 am to 4:30 pm


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Over the course of the day we will be considering two different real-life cases of murder which occurred in England between 1900-1975. Participants will be expected to listen to the evidence, making notes as they go, then discuss the case and attempt to reach a verdict based on what they have heard. No advance reading or knowledge of the English judicial system is needed. The cases chosen for your consideration will not be revealed in advance and, just as in the real Jury Room, everyone will be requested to switch off all electronic devices and put aside any pre-conceived ideas they may have, if they do happen to have heard or read anything about either of these cases previously. The cases have been selected with an eye to the insight they can give us on various aspects of our judicial system and social history and, at the end of the day, the verdicts reached by the original juries will of course be revealed.

No advance preparation is required, but students will find a pen, a notebook and an open mind invaluable. Although these are all real cases, no distressing crime scene photographs will be used.

Please note:- These are the same cases that were studied in September 2021.

Tutor information

Diane Janes is an award-winning author, who has written five highly regarded crime novels and four respected factual books on real life historical murders. She is regularly invited to lecture on crime and social history to a wide variety of audiences, in locations as diverse as cruise ships and village halls, and her first work of non-fiction, Edwardian Murder: Ightham & the Morpeth Train Robbery is now referenced in academic text books on the history of policing. She has personally researched each of the cases chosen for the Dillington jury’s consideration.

Her published work includes the novels:
The Magic Chair Murder
The Poisoned Chalice Murder
Stick or Twist
Swimming in the Shadows
Why Don’t You Come For Me?
The Pull of the Moon

Death at Wolf’s Nick
The Case of the Poisoned Partridge
Poisonous Lies – The Croydon Arsenic Mystery
Edwardian Murder – Ightham & the Morpeth Train Robbery

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