Understanding Handwriting : An Introduction to Graphology



Residential course

Christina Strang

11 November 2022 to 13 November 2022

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There are many methods of profiling people.  This course is an introduction to the psychological analysis of handwriting, an objective method of profiling. You will learn about outlook on life, signatures, relationships, motivations, drivers and dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s and so much more.

This course gives you hands on practical experience in analysing writing and recognising aspects of health in handwriting, also including some discussion, individual supervision, and an understanding of why people “tick” as they do.

Handwriting links the psychological, physiological, and emotional aspects of a person.  It is an objective method of profiling as opposed to the standard psychometric tests which are all subjective.

No previous knowledge required.

Residential Fees From: £376.   Non Residential: £252

Course runs from Dinner on Friday to Lunch on Sunday.

Tutor information

Internationally known across three continents Christina has been a keynote speaker at a specialist conference in China, spoken in Australia on clinical graphology and taught questioned signature identification at Gloucester University for accountancy students and online for a specialist legal training company. She is also known for her research studies into handwriting in early diagnosis of disease.

Christina has featured on international and national UK TV and in various international magazines and media for her work.

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