The French Revolution: tous ça change (everything changes)


Day course

Sheila Seymour

30 October 2020

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This course will appeal to those with an interest in French political history, Eighteenth century history, Cultural history, Women’s history or have a general curiosity! No prior knowledge necessary. Liberté! Egalité! Fraternité!

The famous, glorious mantra! But what effect did the political turmoil have on everyday life?
It made it exciting, but unsettling: craftsmen had to retool; inns serve different measures; customers pay with a new currency; women dress in approved ways. There were no longer 24 hours in a day. Even their Church went. There was no Christmas nor Easter, no Baptism, no Holy Matrimony, no Final Unction. Food was short and violence commonplace. Life was hellish – and women demanded influence.
This Course will explore all these aspects and set them in context.

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Tutor information

Sheila Seymour:  After a career in IT, from 2004 I was a tutor to the First Year History students at Royal Holloway College, University of London. My role was to introduce them to new aspects of, and approaches to, history after years of following tightly structured curricula. It was a wonderful job – but demanding. It was not only the students whose love of history was stimulated, and I look forward to sharing my experiences.