DNA – And Family History Research – COURSE FULL

Family History

Day course

Jane Ferentzi-Sheppard

28 February 2020


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The session will look at DNA results from Ancestry and My Heritage. How can we use these results to help us in our family history research, break down some brickwalls and find long lost cousins. DNA is becoming very popular but a lot of people don’t know what to do with the results, using them like another tool in the kit we use for researching family history. Only suitable for those who have done, and have the results of an Ancestry DNA test and maybe have uploaded those results to My Heritage for free, bring laptops along.
Tutor: Jane Ferentzi-Sheppard

Friday 28 February Fee:£56

Tutor information

Jane Ferentzi-Sheppard is a professional family and local historian and tutor in Adult Education. She runs a variety of family history courses in Somerset and Dorset and talks to organisations all over the country. Migration research has become a central part of Jane’s work, with her organising, attending and speaking at migration conferences all over the UK. Her MA dissertation was about migration from West Dorset to North America in the 1800s.