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Jacquie Tinch

15 October 2021 to 18 October 2021

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This is a practical course for all abilities of lacemakers, from those who have a knowledge of only the basic stitches to those who wish to study advanced techniques in the British and European laces. Many of the continental laces are taught with the aid of a colour-coded diagram to help students continue their work at home.

Time will be given to relating threads to patterns and finishing and mounting lace.

Residential Fees From: £904.   Non Residential: £615

Tutor information

Originally self taught for the first eighteen months of my lacemaking, even though it was over forty years ago, I can still clearly recall the struggles I had which gives me empathy with the problems which lacemakers may have understanding new concepts.  To this day, I always try to explain why I teach something as well as the how, as this makes techniques easier to remember. 

Over the next 20 years I had the opportunity to study regularly with Patricia Read and a number of the other leading UK tutors gaining a good grounding in many of the traditional laces from England, Ireland, Europe and Russia.  I also worked with several of the tutors specialising in more contemporary work including those on the City and Guilds Lace Making course.  For several years I went to Bruges for week long workshops with tutors from the Kantcentrum.  More recently I have continued to study including a week in Russia and new (to me) types of bobbin lace in Spain.  In 2019 the Guild brought my Spanish tutor to the UK for their week’s Summer School and I worked on another newly researched, traditional Spanish lace. At the beginning of 2020 I joined a four day workshop in making bobbin lace from wire.

I started teaching private classes about thirty-five years ago and while working for West Sussex County Council in the early 1990s took the C&G Teacher Training courses and followed up with achieving a Cert Ed PCET.  My classes in West Sussex continued for ten years until I left the area, but I continued to teach many of the students monthly until very recently.  For two years I also taught for East Sussex County council.  When my former teacher retired in the late 1990s she recommended me to teach for Kent County Council which I did for a number of years until rising prices discouraged my students from enrolling and the class was moved to run on a private basis and still meets but now as an occasional class due to the amount of travelling involved since I moved to Lincolnshire. 

As well as my weekly teaching mentioned above, I have also taught many one-day and weekend workshops for lace groups around the country.  For more than ten years I have taught three extended weekends a year in South Wales and a week in Shrewsbury as well as well as workshops for The Lace Guild at their Conventions and Spring & Summer Schools.  I organise and teach at weekend courses in Folkestone up to three times a year.

I was invited to teach in Malaga in Spain which has led to several more workshops both in Andalusia and Galicia.  I have taught in Canada several times and America twice.  While serving as a Judge at the Royal Dublin Show for three consecutive years, I was also offered teaching both in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  I am invited to teach in both Galicia and for the Ottawa Lace Guild in 2021 but have not yet committed myself to overseas teaching due to the uncertain conditions at the current time.

I was on The Lace Guild’s Executive Committee for seven years from 2011, including three years as Chairman and three as Secretary.  I was a member of their Education Committee  until 2019 with particular interest in the Assessment Scheme.  I was also responsible for organising two of their triennial Competitions and Exhibitions and many of their courses from 2017 to 2020 (now 2021).

My work and designs have been featured in books by Patricia Read (Milanese lace) and in  Lace Guild publication as well as in their magazines and their calendars (Torchon lace).  I have also had work in the Canadian Lace Gazette on two occasions (Honiton and Torchon lace).  I have a number of my own designs available for my students. 

As well as lace making, I have an interest in many related textile skills.  My original focus was on needlework as my mother was a dressmaking, embroidery, knitting and crafts teacher, and I studied fashion at art school in the 1960s.  The skills I learnt early on are still needed when finishing off bobbin lace work as invisibly as possible and attaching it to fabric.  More recently I have been interested in spinning and weaving and am pleased at how many of the skills I have gained mastering those can relate back to my teaching both directly, as bobbin lace is free form weaving, and indirectly as a further reminder to myself how challenging new concepts can be.

Covid information

Dillington House wishes to reassure everyone that we are working closely with Somerset County Council to ensure every measure is being taken to make Dillington House a safe place for everyone.

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