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Visiting Dillington House

COVID measures at Dillington House have always been implemented using the latest UK government guidance and we will continue to follow the current UK government advice given to businesses in the coming months.

Whilst the COVID measures listed below are not mandatory, we would please encourage everyone visiting Dillington House to not only consider your own wellbeing, but also that of others when making their personal decisions regarding this guidance…

  • We encourage everyone, if you can, to wear face coverings when moving around indoor spaces.  Face coverings though, are no longer mandatory and the choice remains with the individual (be that staff or guest) 
  • Hand Sanitiser will remain available throughout the venue and we would encourage people to use this, especially when entering and leaving a room.
  • Track and trace QR codes will remain displayed throughout the venue and we would encourage people to please check in when visiting Dillington House.
  • Should you be feeling unwell, or displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus, we would ask you not to visit at this time.
  • Please be considerate to others when visiting and respect others personal decisions regarding COVID measures.

We will also be retaining some measures to ensure the safety of all people visiting or working at Dillington House…

  • Screens will remain in place where possible in places, such as Main Reception.
  • Our increased levels of cleaning / sanitising will remain in place throughout the venue, especially at previously identified common and high use touch points.
  • Our staff will minimise contact as much as possible with customers.
  • Where possible and appropriate, we will provide as much ventilation as is available in our course rooms.
  • Where possible, we will try to space seating / tables to give the most amount of room for each person.

Staff at Dillington House have been asked to make their own considered choice when it comes to wearing face coverings in our indoor spaces. All staff will remain fully respectful of guest’s choices and diligent in their work to ensure everyone visiting has a safe and enjoyable experience.

From all of us at Dillington House, we thank you for your support and for continuing to keep everyone safe.