When the Heir to the Throne Took his Own Life – A New, Thought Provoking Look at the Mayerling Story 1889


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Elizabth Legge

28 October 2020


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This course will be of interest to those interested in history and anyone who is curious to understand why these events happened in the way they did.

The death of Crown Prince Rudolf, the heir to the imperial throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, shocked Europe. In the 130 years that have passed since his death a romantic view of the events that led up to it has become deeply established.

This course will present a new view of what happened, an interpretation that you will not have met before.

Students need no background knowledge either of the period or of historical events in Austria in the nineteenth century and students will go away with a new and informed view of what happened and why.


Tutor information

Elizabeth has been a keen student of history since her teens. Not long after leaving school she spent six months in Vienna which sparked off a great interest in the history and culture of the long-gone Austro-Hungarian Empire. This deepened when her career led to her living and working in a number of European countries and she became ever more interested in how history shaped the Europe we know today. A large part of her career was spent working for German banks. During that time she was regularly invited to appear on television to speak on international economic issues and she is also an experienced public speaker. Fuelled by her research into German, French and Italian sources, she brings to her talks extensive knowledge of her subject, presented with enthusiasm and thought-provoking ideas.

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