Watercolour Revision

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Claire DuVergier

11 April 2023 to 13 April 2023

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Some watercolourists get stuck in a rut and produce perfectly competent paintings that lack freshness and originality. Why is this?

A major cause is the “ too much syndrome “. We use multiple pigments separately and in mixing. We also use too many brushstrokes, often in an attempt to include
too much irrelevant detail. During the process we lose the wonderful vibrant transparency that is the hallmark of good watercolour.

This course is designed to refresh your entire painting process and get you out of that rut.  Suitable for intermediate and advanced students.

Residential Fees From: £426.   Non Residential: £296

Course runs from Lunch on Tuesday to Lunch on Thursday.

Tutor information

Clare DuVergier Art was Clare’s favourite subject at school and as a very young child her paintings were exhibited in the junior section of the Royal Academy.  When she was 16 she became the last model of the Polish Expressionist Henryk Gotlib.  As a child she was fascinated by the landscape and explored tracks and woodlands, built camps in secret wildernesses and made endless collections of wild flowers, fungi and rotting wood. Having trained as an actress, Clare continued to paint and has now been painting full-time since 2000. Clare works primarily in oils and watercolour and occasionally with acrylics and mixed media.  As a landscape painter, her inspiration is the landscape itself.  Her work has been shown at a number of galleries in the South West and in Scotland.  Visit Clare’s website for further information: www.clareduvergier.com.

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