The Cold War 1945-1991


Residential course

Edward Towne

20 March 2020 to 22 March 2020

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Arguably the Cold War began in 1917, when Russia was cold-shouldered by the West. Relations deteriorated in the 1930’s and Stalin signed a pact with Hitler. When Russia was attacked in 1941, the USA and the British Empire were on the same side. But disagreements persisted: Berlin, nuclear weapons and Korea. Serious crises followed: Hungary, Suez, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan. But Gorbachev’s accession led to a thaw, which may yet lead to a renewed freeze.
Tutor: Edward Towne

Dinner Friday 20 – Lunch Sunday 22 March
Fees (£): 395 338 338 226

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Edward Towne won Oxford University’s Beit Prize in Imperial History in 2001. He has taught history in schools since 1973 and has contributed to two “A” Level History textbooks: The Tudor Years (Hodder Headline 1994, second edition 2004), and Years of Turmoil, a textbook on seventeenth century England, (Hodder Headline, 1998). He leads study tours to France for the Historical Association and is founding chairman of their Dining Group, which meets in Central London five times a year and has been an Honorary Fellow of the Historical Association since 2011.