The Age of Discovery – The John Company and India


Day course

Mike Shaw

21 January 2023

9:00 am to 4:00 pm


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This day course is the third of a series of standalone courses which considers how our modern world took shape.

Of all the trading nations, the British were conspicuously the most successful. Much of the foundation of our national wealth was based on trade with India and points east. For over 250 years this was the domain of the East India Company, otherwise ‘John Company’ and its offshoots, originally granted Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth I.

The course will explore the development of the Company and its struggle for economic domination against French competition on the Indian sub-continent.

All-comers welcome.

Tutor information

Mike Shaw was a regular soldier for over 30 years and has been a keen student of history all his life.  A longstanding contributor to the Dillington programme and an erstwhile ocean yachtsman, he has an interest in early navigational techniques and how trading links developed across the world’s oceans in the Age of Sail leading to the development of the mercantile empires. More importantly however, it is the way he tells the story.

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