Summer School Week Two. Lancastrians, Yorkists and The Emerging Tudors


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Mark Cottle

16 August 2020 to 22 August 2020

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Following Richard II’s deposition by Henry IV in 1399, the Lancastrian Kings were to rule England for the next sixty years. After the great successes of Henry V in the Hundred Years War, the failures of his son, Henry VI, precipitated the Wars of the Roses, the fall of the House of Lancaster and the successive reigns of the Yorkist Kings Edward IV and Richard III. This course will examine and assess these two dynasties and the rule of Henry Tudor, the penniless adventurer who, rather against the odds, was to establish a new dynasty that would dominate English politics for over a century. This course will include a day out visiting an appropriate site or two. Lavishly illustrated with handouts.

Residential Fees From: £868. (There will be a supplement of £45 for this course towards the cost of transport and entrance fees)

Non Residential: £480-Includes supplement (There is no Patrons discount for this course)

Tutor information

Mark Cottle was born in the Scilly Isles, educated at Truro School in Cornwall and was a graduate of Birmingham University with a Masters Degree in late Medieval History. Mark has spent over 20 years lecturing in Anglo-Saxon, Medieval and Tudor history in further and higher education.