Summer School Week One. Masterworks of Medieval English Art with Tim Porter

Art History

Summer school

Residential course

Tim Porter

13 August 2020 to 14 August 2020

From £112 non-resident

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It’s hard to exaggerate the magnificence of medieval art, because the evidence is so overwhelming. Despite the destruction wrought by the Reformation, the stone carving and stained-glass, the wallpainting and woodwork, carry an authority of purpose and a brilliance of design and technique that still astonishes. This course presents some choice examples from across England, seeking to interpret the message and illuminate the lives and attitudes of the makers. No prior knowledge will be assumed. The course will be lavishly illustrated.


Non Residential: £112 (There is no Patrons discount for this course)

Tutor information

Tim Porter is an itinerant lecturer, with two subject areas: music and the middle Ages. Trained originally in music, Tim worked as a composer in touring theatre during the 1970s and 1980s, but his studies, researches and explorations of medieval Britain always developed alongside. Tim’s theatre career moved gradually forward into adult education and was a WEA tutor for over 30 years and runs courses at residential colleges. He is a guest lecturer at museums, including the Ashmolean in Oxford, and works as a tour guide for specialist history groups. He is a member of the Arts Society register, and speaks to history societies, music clubs, and organisations of many other types. For him, context is the key – whether relating a medieval building to its underlying landscape or linking a symphony to the social background of a great musician, Tim believes in the power of the wider picture, and those lively connections that bring a subject into the light.