Shakespeare’s B** and B**


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Nims Gribler

24 April 2020 to 26 April 2020

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Shakespeare’s B*tches and B*stards

The occasion of Shakespeare’s 456th birthday is being celebrated this year at Dillington House with a wicked look at Shakespeare’s B*tches and B*stards – a weekend spent taking an enthralling view of the Bard’s nastiest shrews and ugliest villains including the demagogue Iago, the shrew Kate and her awful husband Petruccio, the monster Caliban, the witch Lady Macbeth and her murderous mate Macbeth and the greedy Shylock. These characters reveal the Elizabethan’s fears and desires and we will plunge into their world for the weekend, learn more about the time and the language and demystify the Bard and bring him to life for his birthday (metaphorically speaking!)

Tutor: Nims Gribler
Friday 24 – Sunday 26 April
Fee: £395 338 338 226
Discount of 10% for new Tutor introduction if booked by 31 March 2020

Tutor information

Nims Gribler B.A.Hons, M.Ed is an A level and GCSE Literature teacher, international teacher trainer and examiner for Cambridge University with over 15 years’ experience and a deep passion for poetry, plays and novels across the ages. With a lively style & engaging and thoughtful content, her courses push the boundaries of Literature to reveal the pulsing emotion beneath. This makes for animated courses that give you the confidence to analyse & investigate the way writers create meaning and try to unpick what drives them and take away a set of skills that will enrich your reading in the future.