Put the Right Colour in the Right Place

Art - Practical

Day course

David Chandler

21 July 2023

9:00 am to 4:30 pm


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“The gravest immorality is to try to finish what isnt well begun. But a picture that is well begun may be left off at any point.” Sir Matthew Smith (1879 – 1959)

Composition is at the core of all picture-making, yet whenever we embark on a new painting, composition often comes very low on our list of priorities as concerns about colour-mixing, proportion, photographic realism and general technical competence dominate. But by just paying attention to where things are, rather than what they are, we can make the business of painting far simpler and finish our work in half the time! In this one-day, practical workshop, we will look at seven of the principle elements of design and learn how to apply them to our paintings.

This workshop focuses on abstraction but the day will be useful whatever your chosen genre and give you the confidence, as Klee said, “to improvise freely on the keyboard of colours.”

Ideal for anyone interested in painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, art history and music or any field in which communication skills are important.

All-comers welcome.

Tutor information

David Chandler has been been teaching art to adults for over twenty years and holds weekly classes in watercolour, acrylic and life drawing in Frome and Bath. He has lectured and demonstrated extensively to art societies in the UK and since 1999, has led regular painting courses in France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. In 2011, he co-founded Frome Community Education, a not-for-profit organisation that delivers more than thirty different leisure classes to adult learners in Somerset. He was a regular contributor to Future Publishing’s ‘Paint And Draw’ magazine and is the writer and presenter of Seeing Things, a programme about the visual arts, on FromeFM. His practical book for watercolourists, ‘Tate: Master Watercolour’ (published by Ilex Press in February 2021), has been translated into Spanish and Korean and is available worldwide.

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