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Susan Coates

4 May 2020


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This course will appeal to those with an interest in ancient textiles, Scandiavian crafts, knitting, crochet, spinning and working with wool.

Nalbinding is a technique using individual lengths of wool and a flat wood or bone needle to create a knitted like garment. Whilst the process is not like knitting or crochet the end product looks very much the same. Naibinding precededs knitting by centuries and many examples of items such as mittens and socks exist today in museum, some of which are items of Roman outerwear. The Vikings were known to use this technique and examples of bone needles have been found in burial sites. In Scandinavia and other parts of the world Nalbinding is very much alive and experiencing a new surge of interest. Whilst it may take a little time and patience to become familiar with the process, it will be a very satisfying and addictive once mastered.

Tutor: Susan Coates
Monday 4 May

Tutor information

Susan Coates is a long-standing member of the Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers
specialising in spinning but in particular ancient forms of spinning and Nalbinding. Her
interest in this field took her on a long journey of research and discovery where she has
been taught and influenced by textile archaeologists, museums, and numerous other
sources gathering artefacts and being involved in museum work. She gives talks,
demonstrations and runs workshops and has an extensive collection of examples of
ancient spinning and Nalbinding tools. Susan makes replica tools following patterns
directly given by museums from around the world in order to be able to demonstrate to
students how these ancient tools were used and how effective they actually were.