From St. Augustine to Elizabeth I: England’s First Christian Millennium


Residential course

Mark Cottle

14 August 2022 to 19 August 2022

£324 Non-residential fee (includes supplement) , £780 Single bedroom or shared occupancy, £890 Double bedroom single occupancy (Residents additional £50 supplement for transport and entrance tickets)

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This course is part of Dillington Discovery Summer/Autumn week.

From the conversion of the English to Christianity by Roman and Irish missionaries in the 7th century to the creation of a church of England under Elizabeth in the 16th century, this course tracks the major staging posts in a journey through a fascinating period in this country’s history.

We will also look at the great artistic legacy of the period: architecture, illuminated manuscripts and music.

There will be a field trip to Sherborne Abbey, Dorset.   All-comers welcome.

Residential Fees From: £780.  There will be a supplement of £50 for this course towards the cost of transport and entrance fees.

Non-resident fee £324 (includes supplement)

Course runs from Dinner on Sunday to Lunch on Friday.

Tutor information

Mark Cottle was born in the Scilly Isles, educated at Truro School in Cornwall and was a graduate of Birmingham University with a Masters Degree in late Medieval History.  Mark has spent over 20 years lecturing in Anglo-Saxon, Medieval and Tudor history in further and higher education.

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