J.S Bach and the Well-Tempered Clavier

Music Appreciation

Morning Course

Colin Booth

13 March 2021

£33 includes lunch

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Bach and the Well-Tempered Clavier J. S. Bach compiled the Well-tempered Clavier (Bach’s ‘48’ as it is often known) to help his talented students develop as keyboard players. What made this teaching manual so influential that after his death it inspired so many leading composers, from Mozart and Beethoven to Shostakovich? Why, today, is it the most-performed piece of Baroque keyboard music? ‘Clavier’ means keyboard; but what does ‘well-tempered’ mean? This course, illustrated by recorded musical examples and live performance on the harpsichord, will answer these questions, and offer some clues to where its greatness lies.
This is a morning course ending with lunch.

Tutor information

Colin Booth has combined the careers of harpsichordist and harpsichord-maker for more than 30 years. As maker, he has more than 300 customers to his credit, including a large number of Early Music professionals. Steven Devine owns three of his instruments.
As a player, Colin has performed as soloist and continuo harpsichordist in a number of countries from Denmark to South Africa. He taught and played annually for 25 years at the Dartington International Summer School and has recorded 12 CDs of solo harpsichord music. His collaboration with Steven Devine, exploring the two-harpsichord repertoire, is now nearly two decades old.
Colin’s book Did Bach Really Mean That? – an investigation of baroque notation and the conventions underpinning it, has been praised both for its detail and insights, and for being a highly readable guide for all who are keen on playing early keyboard music, whatever their chosen instrument. To accompany the book, he released a critically praised recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations.
Colin had the good fortune, two years ago, to acquire and restore an original French harpsichord dated 1661. The first recording on it, Grounds for Pleasure, featured English music of the 17th century, and on a second CD he played music by the great 17th century French master Louis Couperin. For further information visit Colin’s website www.colinbooth.co.uk

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