Islands of Wonder


Residential course

Brian Anderson

13 March 2020 to 15 March 2020

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Islands of Wonder investigates our cultural and historic fascination with islands, particularly those distant, mysterious ones with strange beasts and unknown civilisations. We will look in some detail at five remote and remarkable islands, each steeped in history, with the most breathtaking landscapes and unique flora and fauna – all visited by Brian on his travels. Of the five, three are polar or sub-polar; the Falklands in the South Atlantic, South Georgia in the Southern Ocean, Franz Josef Land in the Arctic Ocean; and two lie on or below the Equator; Galápagos and Easter Island (Rapa Nui), both in the Pacific Ocean. All five can truly be described as islands of wonder. We then consider the Anthropocene, and the detrimental effects of mankind’s actions over centuries – global warming, pollution, species migration and habitat destruction – which now threaten the fragile ecosystems and the very survival of the islands. We conclude by looking at what scientists and environmental experts are now doing to try to restore and protect these precious places.
Richly illustrated throughout with Brian’s stunning images, this course is a must for armchair travellers and all lovers of nature.
Tutor: Brian Anderson

Dinner Friday 13 – Lunch Sunday 15 March
Fees (£): 395 338 338 226

Tutor information

A lecturer, adventurer and architect, based on the Wirral, Brian Anderson has travelled to over 50 nations and territories in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and further afield to the Geographic North Pole and Antarctica, to capture landscape, wildlife and travel images. In addition to giving illustrated talks on these trips, Brian lectures on great explorers, the visual arts, travel and wildlife photography and the history of early photography. His images and articles have been published in travel brochures, international websites and UK photographic journals and lifestyle magazines. For further information visit Brian’s website