Europe: The Concert of Europe, Industrialisation and Italian and German Unification


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Mike Shaw

21 May 2022


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The signing of the Treaty of Vienna in 1815 left Great Britain as the pre-eminent economic power and one with unique global stretch by virtue of early industrialisation, maritime supremacy as a consequence of the Battle of Trafalgar and near dominance of worldwide trade.

Meanwhile the leading European powers, under the guidance of Prince Metternich sought to restore the status quo ante bellum under an informal ‘Concert of Europe’. What followed was a period of 30 years of virtual peace in which the process of industrialisation with all its economic gains and social ills began to take root. By 1848 these pressures and other aspirations suppressed since 1815 erupted in a series of revolutions across Europe.

The next 20 years saw a violent shift in the balance of power with the emergence of a united Germany under Prussian leadership and the accidental consolidation of Italy under the House of Savoy.

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Mike Shaw was a regular soldier for over 30 years and has been a keen student of history all his life. A regular contributor to the Dillington programme, he has an interest in the history of the continent as a whole, particularly where western and slavic cultures have been impacted. A frequent independent traveller through the whole continent, he explores how trading networks flourished from the earliest times despite the countervailing demands of religion and tribal security. He offers rare insights into how historical perspectives have influenced more recent events. More importantly however, it is the way he tells the story.

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