Growing Outdoor Exotic Plants in the UK

Gardens and Countryside

Day course

Brian Jaques

21 March 2020

£76 includes transport to specialist garden nursery

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This course will appeal to gardening enthusiasts who want to extend their knowledge and create a ‘different’ kind of garden.
A survey of exotic plants that can be grown outdoors in Somerset and other favourable areas. Exotic plants: what and why? How they may be grown successfully – and kept for the following year. A selection of individual plants will be considered; their history, names, and cultivation.
This course also includes a visit to Desert to Jungle a small unique specialist exotic plant nursery based within Somerset.

Tutor: Brian Jaques
Saturday 21 March
Fee includes transport to specialist nursery

Tutor information

Brian is a keen gardener of many years standing (and bending) who developed an interest in exotic plants that could be grown outdoors without expensive heated facilities. Along with his other interests in etymology and cryptic crosswords he delights in passing on knowledge. Most of these interests developed after a professional life as a scientist and lecturer.