Give the Paint a Chance

Art - Practical

Day course

David Chandler

24 August 2020


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This course will appeal to those with an interest in watercolours, abstract art, modernism, composition, expressive painting, landscape and urban art.
‘Give the paint a chance. Give the brush a chance.’ John Marin.
Many artists love the idea of moving away from traditional representational art and enjoying the freedom that abstraction offers; bold colour, expressive brushstrokes, novel forms and textures that excite the eye and stir the mind. But they also know that waving their hands around in the air and hoping for the best just doesn’t work!
Taking inspiration from the work of early American abstractionist, John Marin, this one-day course offers the adventurous watercolourist a route map to the creative freedom they’ve been seeking.

Tutor information

David Chandler began teaching art to adults over twenty years ago. At home, in Somerset, more than ninety students attend his regular classes in drawing and painting. He has lectured and demonstrated to Art Societies throughout the UK, painted on Channel 4, TSW and HTV and is the author and presenter of two DVD tutorials for watercolourists. Since 1999, he has led many painting courses in France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. In 2011, he co-founded Frome Community Education, a not-for-profit organization that delivers more than thirty different leisure classes to adult learners in Somerset. He is also the writer and presenter of Seeing Things on FromeFM, a monthly radio programme about the visual arts and is currently working on a practical book for watercolourists for Ilex Press in association with the Tate.