Four Early Medieval Saints


Elizabeth Rees

5 September 2020


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What inspired medieval men and women to give their lives to God? We will examine the lives and writings of four very different individuals: St Benedict, Hildegard of Bingen, Francis of Assisi and Julian of Norwich. Benedict’s Rule for Monasteries was a foundational text throughout the middle Ages; Hildegard was a gifted abbess.

In contrast, Francis of Assisi saw himself as ‘the little poor man’ Julian of Norwich was a hermit who has left us a vivid account of her visions.

All-comers welcome.

Tutor information

Sister Elizabeth Rees is a Roman Catholic nun with a Masters’ degree from Oxford. She has lectured in Early Christianity at Lampeter University and at Sarum College. The author of ten books on Early Christianity, Elizabeth is Director of a House of Prayer in Butleigh, a village south of Glastonbury.