Evelyn Waugh – Revisited


Residential course

John Kirkaldy

20 March 2020 to 22 March 2020

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Evelyn Waugh is one of the most widely read of 20th Century novelists. There have been numerous adaptations of his books for film, TV and radio. He also wrote travel books and biography. All of his writing is still in print. He was also something of a controversialist, as a satirist, Catholic and observer of the English class system. It would be helpful if those attending could have read Decline and Fall and Brideshead Revisited before coming (and, if possible, A Handful of Dust).
Tutor: Dr John Kirkaldy

Dinner Friday 20 – Lunch Sunday 22 March
Fees (£): 395 338 338 226

Tutor information

Dr John Kirkaldy has been a lifelong fan of Evelyn Waugh, since when being ill with flu at 18, reading Decline and Fall helped a speedy recovery! John has contributed to three academic anthologies and a school text book. He has done a lot of freelance writing, ranging from The Lady to New Stateman. He has taught at universities, colleges and schools in Britain, Australia and Jamaica and was a tutor with the Open University for 37 years (also being part of the production team for four U TV series.) he has recently published a travel book entitled, I’ve Got a Metal Knee: A 70-Year-Old Gap Year