Europe – Christendom in Crisis


Day course

Mike Shaw

14 March 2020


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The sacking of Byzantine Constantinople by the fourth Crusade in 1204 fatally weakened the last Christian bastion against the resurgent Islamic threat from the Seljuk Turks. Following Turkish penetration into the Balkans, the fall of the city in 1453 and their subsequent conquest of the Levant coast, central Europe again lay prey to invasion from the east.
Tutor: Mike Shaw

Saturday 14 March Fee: £56

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Mike Shaw was a regular soldier for over 30 years and has been a keen student of history all his life. A regular contributor to the Dillington programme, he has an interest in the history of the continent as a whole particularly where western and slavic cultures have impacted. A frequent independent traveller through the whole continent, he explores how trading networks flourished from the earliest times despite the countervailing demands of religion and tribal security. He offers rare insights into how historical perspectives have influenced more recent events. More importantly however, it is the way he tells the story.