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Mike Hope

25 November 2022 to 27 November 2022

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No other ancient civilisation can lay claim to having repeatedly inspired and caused, on no less than five separate occasions, a massive infusion of ideas and styles into the contemporary styles of a particular time. Its first appearance was in the Roman civilisation, coinciding with the annexation of Egypt into the Roman Empire and the inextricable link between Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.

It next undergoes a sixteenth century revival and then in the eighteenth century the first of a series of very important revivals. The invasion by Napoleon at the beginning of the nineteenth century was to herald another upsurge in interest. Later in the nineteenth century with the digging and opening of the Suez Canal and the joint administration of Egypt by Britain and France, there was a continuous flow of visitors, excavations and a continued influence. In the twentieth century the discovery in 1922 of Tutankhamun’s tomb and treasures would lead to a renewed worldwide interest and its direct influence across the whole spectrum of the Art Deco movement. The twentieth century’s single greatest contribution to the Arts – namely film- also saw the birth of curse of the Mummy in films. Indeed Hollywood and Ancient Egypt have been constant companions for over one hundred years.

This course will seek to follow the influence, flow and output of artistic endeavour that has been inspired by Ancient Egypt over the last five hundred years.

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Course runs from Dinner on Friday to Lunch on Sunday.

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Mike Hope author, lecturer, curator and designer spent over twenty-five years lecturing and holding senior management posts in four Universities (Staffordshire, Portsmouth, Nottingham Trent and Plymouth) and has spent over thirty years delivering Summer School Programmes. He has lectured around the world and was a founder board member of The European Academy of Design. Alongside an extensive publication list, he has researched, designed and curated many exhibitions. He is a lecturer for Travel Editions Art & History Abroad programme and indeed their Art History programmes here in the UK. He lectures regularly to many other organisations such as the Fine Art Society. He has, since 2010, run his own tour/lecture/research company, ‘Spirit of the Place – Cultural Tours with a Difference’. He also has his own publishing company, ‘Res Mirabilis’.

He is currently a member of the Exeter Diocesan Advisory Board and Advisor on stained glass to the Diocese of Exeter.

Most recently (September 2021) he has been admitted as a Freeman to the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass.

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