Dealing with the Gods – Religion in the Roman World


Day course

Nick Griffiths

27 October 2020


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Roman religioin was a matter of a transaction between man and his chosen gods – offerings to the gods depended on their fulfilling their side of the bargain. The course will look at some of the huge amount of evidence from across the Roman empire, from the eastern gods to the Celtic west with its nature spirits, as well as the rise of the mystery religions with their ideas of the soul and resurrection.

Tutor information

Nick Griffiths trained at Salisbury Art College gaining a Diploma in Art and Design. He has over 50 years’ experience working in archaeology and museums, including the Museum of London, the Ashmolean Museum and the British Museum, as an archaeological illustrator. He has worked in Britain, France and Italy and has taught Archaeological Illustration in Britain, Portugal, Italy and the USA. His special interests include the Roman Army and Roman and Medieval artefacts. He is a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.