Chinese Brush Painting – Lotus Flower and Fish in Meticulous Style on Silk for Intermediate and Advanced Students

Art - Practical

Two Day Course

Kaili Fu

31 May 2023 to 1 June 2023

9:00 am to 5:30 pm

£181 two day course

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There are two main styles in traditional Chinese brush painting techniques: freehand style and meticulous style.

The meticulous style, in Chinese “Gongbi”, literally meaning “tidy”, Gongbi work is painted on sized rice paper or sized silk and is a very controlled and detailed technique, uses detailed brush strokes that delimit details very precisely.

This course will start from the basic skills of painting in meticulous style from learning how to draw fine lines, how to use two brushes with colour or ink to do different tones and build up layers of colour and ink for flowers and leaves.

After learning the basic skill from this course, the potential students are able to choose their preferred subject fields and techniques to develop their career.

Accommodation is available subject to availability.

For this course you must have: Chinese brushes: some white hair brushes and fine brown hair brushes; a bottle of black ink, a box of Chinese painting colour, sized silk and sized rice paper. A few saucers for mixing colour. Jam jar to hold water. An A2 size art felt or old blanket to put on the table to protect your pictures. The tutor can provide the sized silk and sized rice paper for you to purchase at reasonable price.

If not, you need to buy all the materials on line:

Tutor information

Kaili Fu, an art graduate from A university in East China, was a Chinese art teacher in China. After coming to England in 1988, she started teaching Chinese brush painting to Adult classes and exhibiting her art work in Devon, the South West and later throughout the UK. She is recognised as a specialist in authentic Chinese brush painting as well as an inspiring tutor. Kaili feels her lifelong purpose is to introduce and extend knowledge of traditional Chinese painting and techniques to the West. Kaili could teach students of various levels. she approaches her course with professionalism and flexibility.

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