Residential course

Angela Sutton

16 November 2020 to 20 November 2020

From £453 Non-resident fee. Please note that there is a charge of £10 to cover basic materials used during the course.

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Angela’s bookbinding courses are aimed at students of intermediate level, particularly those who have taken a beginners’ course and would like to expand their knowledge. Students should bring a selection of binding projects they would like to work on – if they are following the special topic they will need some other books to work on as well – and they will be given help and advice to enable them to progress.

The optional special subject for this course is half and full leather bindings. Books covered with leather have a more complex structure than the basic case-binding. Students who wish to follow this subject should bring a book ready to sew, with pulled and guarded sections, or they can make up a blank book; we will stitch them on cords or tapes, construct ‘made’ endpapers, lace on boards and sew or glue on a endband. They will then cut and pare leather, either a piece to cover the whole book, or a spine and corners, and learn how to apply it.

Beginners are welcome to come if they wish to follow a longer course than the introductory weekend course in January with Sarah Jarrett-Kerr, or are unable to attend this. However, they will not be able to start on leather straight away.

Please note that there is a charge of £10 to cover basic materials used during the course.

Residential Fees From: £675.   Non Residential: £453

Tutor information

Angela Sutton first learnt bookbinding in evening classes with Ian Ross at the former Oxford Polytechnic, and then went to the Camberwell School of Art and Crafts to study archive preservation and repair. She works as a freelance bookbinder specialising in restoration and preservation, and is an established teacher validated by the Society of Bookbinders. She taught the weekly recreational course at the Malvern Hills College (the local adult education institution) for many years, and now runs local workshops as well as giving tuition in her own bindery and teaching regularly at Dillington. Her textbook ‘Bookbinding in Pictures’, a book (or CD) of bookbinding instructions for beginners, sells widely in many countries. Angela is Chairman of the Birmingham and Central region of the Society of Bookbinders