Beyond Birth, Marriage and Death – Going Further with Family History

Local & Family History

Day course

Jane Taubman

23 September 2020


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Once you move beyond the key sources, such as Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates and the Census, you come to look at the wonderful and varied documents which put flesh on the bones and help bring the history of your family to life.

This day course will look at some of these many and varied sources, including Wills and Probate, Military Records, Poor Law and Workhouse records, newspapers and more. We will also look at the core providers of online records and where to find those “offline” records using online tools.

There will also be time to discuss some brick wall solving techniques, although unfortunately there are no guarantees we will knock them down, we will chip away at the foundations.

Tutor information

Jane Taubman has been researching her family history for the last 30 years. She has lectured for the Society of Genealogists in London and on specialist genealogist cruises in the UK and Australia. She also holds courses on the use of the Family Historian software package and its use in researching family history. With a background in computers, she enjoys using her logic and problem solving skills on the challenges of Family History research, when solving one problem ancestor inevitably leads to two more and combining her love of all things historic to bring ancestors long gone back into the light. For the last twelve years she has run the online Family Historian User Group, which provides help and advice on many aspects of research alongside its main roll of helping its members get the best from Family Historian.

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