Architecture and the English Wool Trade – Course Full


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Philip Wilkinson

26 February 2020


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This course looks at the way the wool trade changed the architecture of England. It concentrates on two periods when the trade brought great prosperity to large parts of the country: the Middle Ages, when the stunning churches of the Cotswolds and East Anglia were built, and when picturesque towns like Lavenham sprang into prominence, and the 18th century, with its often large water-powered mills and extraordinary market buildings.
Tutor: Philip Wilkinson

Wednesday 26 February Fee: £61

Tutor information

Philip Wilkinson is the author of many books on architecture and history. He wrote a series of books to accompany the BBC2 series Restoration and Restoration Village and is the author of The English Buildings Book (publisher English Heritage), Fifty Architecture Ideas You Really Need To Know (Quercus), Phantom Architecture (Simon & Schuster) and Irreplaceable (Historic England). He explores buildings ceaselessly, recording discoveries on his blog ( and gives talks on architectural subjects.