Antiques Explored Session 2 – Porcelain, Princes & Promiscuity! Or the Art of Dating Georgian Cups by Shape


Morning Course

Cherry Nixon

15 February 2021

£33 includes lunch

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Early tea drinking was more to do with fashion than thirst.  Trend became a vital part of the tea ware trade and when a new cup became popular all producers slavishly copied it.  Once superseded it fell from favour and was instantly dropped from production. As a result you can often date a cup, to within 15 or 20 years, at a glance.

This lesson consists of a slide assisted lecture in which cups are put into their historical context, alongside the romantic mishaps of the Georgian Royals.  Students are given an opportunity to handle and examine a range of early cups and date them.

This is a highly empowering lesson – dealers often attend.

Tutor information

Cherry Nixon (BA, PGCE) has been a keen collector for over twenty years. She trained as a teacher of adults in the mid eighties and, determined to follow her heart, created her own course “Learn About Antiques & Collectables” which she taught at Bath and Birmingham Universities and many other colleges. She has produced a video guide for enthusiasts, Dynamic Dating – the guide to dating British ceramics.

She created the country’s first hands-on eBay course “Buying and Selling on eBay for Technological Simpletons” which was featured on Tonight With Trevor MacDonald and she was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s In Business. She is the author of several books on eBay, including eBay for Everyone.

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