Alignment Therapy


Day course

Ann Evans

22 September 2020


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Do you have back (or other) pain and want to relieve it? The Evans Technique of Therapy, officially recognised in 2011 by the Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI), is an extremely gentle and painless way of relieving back and other joint pain. During the day we will look at ways of using simple body movements to relieve aches and pains.

This self-help course is designed for those who want to relieve their own aches.

Tutor information

Ann Evans was educated at convent schools, trained as a teacher and became a nun working in Tanzania, teaching and nursing. She gained a Diploma in Gregorian Chant in 1965 and was a Choir Cantor at the Assumption Convent, Kensington 1969-71 and a member of convent choirs in Suffolk, Sidmouth and Tanzania. After 9 years, she left the convent and worked with War on Want and set up Intercare for the education of African Nuns. In 1977, she married the artist Kenneth Butler Evans, a painter and cartoonist. They had two daughters and worked together in schools and colleges with Ken’s paintings and Ann’s poetry; they also worked as healers. In 1987, Ken died and Ann started Ken Evans Prints, cards and books of Ken’s paintings. She sculpts in clay, creating organic shapes for gardens and woodlands and teaches the Evans Technique of Alignment Therapy, a gentle form of bone adjustment developed by her as a practitioner and tutor. She has a choir of Gregorian Chanters who meet once a month in Axmouth and sing in local churches. There is a website: www.gregorian