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Learn at Home

During these uncertain times, Dillington House wishes to stay connected with our loyal customers to ensure we all stay healthy, active and engaged.

We will be sharing quizzes, activities, suggested readings, online tutorials and more here for our students to enjoy from the comfort of their home. Many of the resources have been kindly donated from our wonderful tutors who wish to continue to share their knowledge and interests with you during this challenging time.

Home Learning Resources
Musical Cryptic Crossword

Challenge yourself to a Musical Cryptic Crossword created by Philip Gallaway.

Musical Cryptic Crossword

Musical Cryptic Crossword Solution

Home Learning Resources
Utilising the Breath

“Breathing is a powerful and accessible tool that you can utilise to reduce stress levels, help you to relax and sleep, boost energy and increase the wellbeing of your body and mind”

To find out how, read more of Bev Alderson’s blog on ‘Utilising the Breath’

Home Learning Resources
Corn Dolly Making

Click here to watch Michael Spriggs Corn Dolly making demonstration and learn more about the age-old tradition of straw craft.

Home Learning Resources
English Buildings Blog

Click here to explore Philip Wilkinson’s English Building’s Blog. You’ll find a range of posts, including English Architectural Styles.

Home Learning Resources
Make a book with a detached cover


One of our tutors, Paul Johnson has contributed a guide to making your own book, using just two sheets of paper and a pair of scissors!

Click here to see the guide!