Sunday Coffee Concert Piano Recital – Professors of Ragtime



Adults: £15.00 - Under 18s: £6.00. Includes Tea/Coffee

Oct 24 2021, 10.45 am to Oct 24 2021, 1.00 pm

Adults: £15.00 - Under 18s: £6.00. Includes Tea/Coffee

Mike Denham

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RAGTIME PRODUCES HYSTERIA, INSANITY – ragtime is not music, it is a disease” claims doctor.
This ragtime-era headline celebrated the world’s first pop music craze, 100 years ago.  Scott Joplin, the son of a slave, became the greatest of ragtime composers.

Mike Denham is a fine pianist and raconteur who performs ragtime widely, at concert venues including London’s Purcell Room and St George’s Bristol. Great melodies, great stories about the musicians and the lives they led and, of course, that seductive ragtime rhythm.

Dillington present their 2nd Coffee Concert Piano Recital with Mike Denham Scott Joplin & the Ragtime Professors.

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors who have enabled this event to take place.

Tickets £15 (under 18s £6.)
Includes coffee/tea, from 10.45am in the Theatre.

Coffee, Concert and Sunday Lunch (Main Course) £30.

Performer background

Mike Denham is a self-confessed ragtime junkie. He plays solo concerts, frequently including all four of the genres we shall explore today and has performed at prestigious venues including St George’s Bristol and London’s Purcell Room. He has a reputation for entertaining audiences with colourful stories about composers and performers and the lives they led. Mike also appears with the renowned West-Country-based jazz band the “Sunset Cafe Stompers”, and he presents his SpeakEasy Nights at various venues, in which he duets with leading jazz musicians. Mike has recorded two solo piano albums “The Pearls” and “Heliotrope Bouquet”. In a parallel career as a Chemical Engineer, Mike led workshops on many different subjects. He even played piano to surprised participants on a couple of occasions – experience which will no doubt come in handy on this course! For further information visit Mike’s website