Friday Lecture – Tragedy and Triumph : The Story of Polar Exploration with Mark Cottle


Public Lectures

£26 includes lunch

Oct 30, 2.00 pm to Oct 30, 4.00 pm

£26 includes lunch

Mark Cottle

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The search for the North-West Passage has captivated the imaginations of explorers, merchants and adventurers as far back as the journeys of Frobisher and Davis, in Elizabeth I’s reign.

Discoveries of both the North and South Poles especially by the Norwegians, Nansen and Amundsen and the British, Scott and Shackleton.  Their stories are a series of remarkable sagas, pitting leadership, courage, endurance and ingenuity against daunting hardships and threats.

Includes lunch. Lunch is served from 1pm and lecture begins at 2pm.

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