Friday Lecture – The House as a Machine for Living in: Approaches of Modern Architecture Towards the Domestic House with Mike Hope


Public Lectures

£26 includes lunch

Jan 15 2021, 1.00 pm to Jan 15 2021, 4.00 pm

£26 includes lunch

Mike Hope

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Since Le Corbusier’s famous quote in 1923 (Toward an Architecture) Modernist architects have grappled with the seemingly impossible conundrum of creating an efficient and beautiful yet warm and inviting home.

The lecture will examine the issues through a series of judicious quotes and examples of famous Modernist houses. In many cases one-off individual buildings have helped to propel the Modernist architectural cause, internationally over the last one hundred years. In the immediate post-war period these houses would give rise to what would become known as The Mid Century House and be synonymous with the zenith of the American Dream.

Includes lunch. Lunch is served from 1pm and lecture begins at 2pm.

Performer background

Mike Hope author, lecturer, curator and designer spent over twenty-five years lecturing and holding senior management posts in four Universities (Staffordshire, Portsmouth, Nottingham Trent and Plymouth) and has spent nearly thirty years delivering Summer School Programmes. He has lectured around the world and was a founder board member of The European Academy of Design. Alongside an extensive publication list, he has researched, designed and curated many exhibitions. He is a lecturer for Travel Editions Art & History Abroad programme. He is also currently a member of the Exeter Diocesan Advisory Board and advisor on stained glass to the Diocese of Exeter.