Thursday Lunch & Lecture – 70th Anniversary – Lord North: The Prime Minister who Found Dillington House & Lost America


Public Lectures

£26 includes lunch

Aug 12 2021, 1.00 pm to Aug 12 2021, 4.00 pm

£26 includes lunch

Sheila Seymour

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A  lecture (including lunch) exploring Lord North and his links to Dillington House will enlighten and entertain you.

Lord North, owner of Dillington House from his marriage in 1756 to his death in 1790, was Prime Minister during the American War of Independence. This lecture course will consider the highs and lows of his foreign policy and to what extent he, personally, was responsible for the loss of America. An 18th Century Prime Minister had a very different relationship with the King, his Cabinet and the Houses of Parliament than now. This lecture will look, very briefly, at how Lord North came to own Dillington House before going on to consider to what extent, as Prime Minister, he was to blame for the loss of America. It will contrast Britain’s conduct in America to its approach to the first Falklands Crisis of 1770 and its aftermath.

Includes lunch. Lunch is served from 1pm and lecture begins at 2pm.

Performer background

Sheila Seymour:  After a career in IT, from 2004 I was a tutor to the First Year History students at Royal Holloway College, University of London. My role was to introduce them to new aspects of, and approaches to, history after years of following tightly structured curricula. It was a wonderful job – but demanding. It was not only the students whose love of history was stimulated, and I look forward to sharing my experiences.