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Pate with homemade chutney & melba toast
Fan of melon with a Parma ham rosette on a bed of baby leaves
Fan of melon with lime syrup & berries (v)



Roast chicken breast with a mushroom & tarragon sauce
Pan fried pork medallions with caramelized apples & a cider jus
Vegan wellington with tomato sauce

All served plated with roasted new potatoes & a medley of fresh vegetables


Trio of Desserts –  Raspberry Meringue, Lemon Posset & Chocolate Brownie


Sticky Toffee Pudding with toffee sauce.

Tea, Coffee & Mints

To arrange a viewing or have a quick chat please give the wedding team a call on 01460 258648. Or if you want e-mail us with your details we'll get back to you.

To arrange a viewing or have a quick chat please give the wedding team a call on 01460 258648. Or if you want e-mail us with your details we'll get back to you.

Emily & Jack
Real Life Intimate Wedding

With all the uncertainty in the world, we thought it was time to find something to celebrate. Current restrictions, limiting the number of wedding guests, look like they are here to stay for a while longer, so Dillington House are embracing the new normal and exploring the positives that come from a smaller wedding!

We recently had the pleasure of hosting the wedding of Emily & Jack. They have shared their story, explaining why they focused on their reasons for getting married and it turned out to be the best decision they’ve ever made…

“Before Corona Virus, we had planned a big wedding, with around 90 guests coming in the day, then around another 100 coming in the evening, we were really looking forward to having all of our family, friends and loved ones around us to celebrate the special day, however due to the restrictions that were put in place, it soon became apparent that this may not be an option anymore.

Due to the constant uncertainty of if we could get married or not, we spoke about what options we had and what we would like to do when the time came. We both agreed that although we would love to have a big wedding and have all our friends and family around, what was important to us was the marriage, not a wedding. So, it was decided that should the time come and the government guidelines permit, we would get married with how ever many guests that allowed, even if it meant just our parents.

On August 15th, 2020, we were married. We celebrated the day with 23 guests, we had our parents, grandparents, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. Although it was on a smaller scale, it was an intimate ceremony, and every bit as special to us and better than we could have imagined. The day felt very personal to us and knew that those present on the day felt safe, and what could have been a very scary experience for some, felt completely at ease. We had time to mingle safely with all our guests and really take in each moment, allowing us memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Next year, should Covid allow, we plan to have a wedding blessing for our 1 year anniversary, we are very excited to be able to do the day again, and with all the guests that should have been there the first time around. So many people advised us before we got married ‘take the day in, as it will fly by and you’ll wish you could do it again’. We feel so blessed that we are able to do it again, and celebrate with all our friends, family and loved ones. By having the two celebrations, we are able to make the most out of both days, although at the beginning we were saddened by having to do it this way, it’s absolutely the best decision we made!”

Taking the focus from the wedding to the marriage really puts things into perspective during these difficult times and the ability to have both an intimate ceremonies and a larger party gives couples the best of both worlds! Dillington House are committed to embracing the changes and continuing to provide memories that will last a lifetime. Perhaps smaller weddings aren’t ‘restricted’ after all.

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